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María Luisa's trip

Peru and the Amazon: a journey with an open heart

A magical country from start to finish. From the pre-Hispanic ruins of Lima to the little jungle city of Iquitos. Two days of sailing to reach the heart of the Amazon – a unique experience in the company of the native tribes.

From there, we flew to Cuzco and discovered Ollantayta – which was the start of a 4-day hike along the Inca Trail, through the Andes, under the stars and accompanied by exciting stories about those simple people. This was how we got to Machu Picchu – a place that is difficult to put into words but that I will never forget.

This trip began long before I boarded the plane and it changed not only the direction of my life but my way of travelling forever. I fell in love with Peru and it is still very much alive in my memory after so many years.

María Cadepe's

Peru & Chile:

Everything started there and then

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