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Trip of Belén

Ganadora WINNER: MARÍA LUISA Iberia plus member
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We flew to Tokyo – our first stop on a 2-week trip around Japan. From the bustle of the huge capital city, we headed towards the magical atmosphere of the Japanese Alps, the tradition of Kyoto and the Buddhist monasteries of Mount Koya. From the chilling history of Hiroshima to the charm of Nara and Miyajima.

It is a country full of contrasts, where you can feel lost in the crowd one day and the next be given four umbrellas by a friendly neighbour who saves you from the torrential rain without understanding a single word of your language.

This trip surpassed all of our expectations regarding scenery, gastronomy, culture, traditions and modernity. Japan found its way into my heart and has stayed there ever since, so I know I will go back some day.

And this month's winners of our two prizes of 25,000 Avios were

LAURA SÁNCHEZ Iberia plus member
ÁNGELO RUIZ Iberia plus member
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