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Trip of Elena

Ganadora WINNER: Miguel Portillo Iberia plus member
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When I was nine years old I used to write letters to two Cuban children through an NGO. Twenty years later, I flew to Cuba for the first the time on a journey of adventure with two friends. We toured the island by car, staying at hotels and private homes.

I hoped to find exactly what I did find: music on every street corner, vintage cars from the Fifties still in use, fascinating conversations and stunning scenery. Havana is a vibrant city, from the legendary bars like La Bodeguita del Medio and El Floridita frequented by Hemingway to the nightlife along the Malecón waterfront.

The aromas, sounds and sensations of those childhood letters all came flooding back to me. It was extraordinary ̶ the place seemed so familiar and yet I was constantly being surprised. Those mixed emotions made it the trip of a lifetime.

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