Trip of Javier

Ganadora WINNER: Lucía Mosquera Iberia plus member
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Paul Morand once wrote: “A trip is one new life offered to us inside another.”

We took a family trip with our small children, a highly intense trip because of the close contact with all kinds of wild animals and because we discovered the special way of life of the people of the African desert and their singular language.

Before we flew there, I expected we would have new experiences together and make many memories. And that was exactly what happened.

We had unique experiences such as seeing lions lying a metre and a half away from us, wandering through marshes full of crocodiles, watching my daughter gallop along on an ostrich, being on a boat in wetsuits waiting to be lowered into the water in a cage as sailors threw out chunks of meat to attract great white sharks, petting a purring cheetah...

You might say that that second life lasted 3 weeks. But it actually continues on inside us.

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